The Joy of Devotion

Who are we?
Villa Vrindavana is a vaishnava centre with the mission of providing spiritual retreat to people in general regardless of their gender, race etc. We host many yoga retreats, seminars, courses, festivals and accomodate many international guests and groups who regularly come to participate in various events.
Villa Vrindavana spiritually belongs to ISKCON monotheistic tradition of Gaudiya Vaishnava Lineage which has its roots in the ancient Vedic Culture of India: each ISKCON centre has its independent economy.
Since our Villa is a huge complex and our resources are limited, we opened a volunteer program which, in exchange for their practical help in our project‘s maintenance, allows young people from all over the world to spend weeks or even months in our beautiful place and experience life in community based on spiritual principles of peace.

What we offer:
Guided tours
Volunteer program for youth
the MOSA art gallery
delicious vegetarian food
yoga, mantra meditation, martial arts and cooking courses, interreligious dialogues etc.
Accomodation and renting halls for events, seminars, retreats, conferences etc.
the temple with its spiritual practices according to the Ancient Vedic tradition
the classical italian garden
the historical 16th century building
introduction to Philosophy and Wisdom of Ancient India
the large woods
meeting with our cows and peacocks
Villa Vrindavana promotes many cultural and spiritual initiatives. Besides meetings and seminars related to the study of the ancient Sanskrit Scriptures of India, we also organise important gatherings for religious dialogue, in collaboration with representatives from different religious creeds and ethical backgrounds. Villa Vrindavana with its old historical building is very demanding for maintenance. That is why we are grateful for any donation, help etc. Each donor gets clear information and proof about how his/her money have been used.
If you have any question or if you would like to visit us, please let us know what is main reason and interest of your visit and contact us online via form below. Or through email: