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July 8, 2019
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September 25, 2019
Peace, Responsibility for the future 6th October 2019

Responsibility for the future
Villa Vrindavana, 6th October 2019
Art, mysticism, community

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A conference in its tenth edition promoted by A Temple for Peace and ISKCON Hare Krishna on the broader themes of peace, culture, respect for human rights and the planet.
This year, with the collaboration of the curator Veronica Caciolli, we intend to deal with the dense and sometimes unexpected relationship between contemporary art and spirituality, through a broad perspective
multidisciplinary: from visual arts to music, from performance to cinema, from criticism to collecting, from religion to philosophy.
The illustrious guests of the Italian and international scene will enter into the folds of a fluid, stratified and elusive theme, which oscillates between the threat of its own disappearance and its urgency.
The artistic production has always turned to reality and to the invisible, up to present itself in more recent times, as an interpreter and instrument of criticism and social transformation.
If we are living in a constant condition of panic and self-exploitation, the “we” as a new subject and the search in the depths of the spirit become the tired and at hand reach
revolutionary and poetic acts, described by forms, missions and symbolic relationships.
In fact, what is at stake in this conference is not just aesthetic or solipsistic, but ethics and politics.



Greetings from Roberto Ciappi, Mayor of San Casciano Val di Pesa, Marco Romoli, A temple for peace, Parabhakti, ISKCON Hare Krishna.
Moderated by Veronica Caciolli

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Veronica Caciolli
The spiritual in art from the twentieth century to today.

Martin Gurvich MOSA – Museum of Sacred Art
Spiritual art from India to Europe.

Claudio Strinati
The pacification in the School of Athens of Raphael.

Virginia Zanetti
Abyss. Darkness is light Laboratories, actions and works of the artist with migrants for Manifesta 12, Palermo 2018.

Possibility to have lunch at the vegetarian restaurant Govinda, to visit the Villa and its museum and to walk around.

Fabio Pianigiani
The art of listening. Sound path between mind, body and soul.

Giacomo Marramao
The experiment of the world. Mysticism and philosophy in the art of Fabio Mauri.

Marco Luceri
Spirituality and sacredness in Italian cinema: Roberto Rossellini, Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Marco Bagnoli
NAMASKAR: my project for an Italian garden, offered to an “Ideal City” Video and reading text by the artist.
Music: Michael Galasso. Sound: Giuseppe Scali.

Luigi Pericle Archive
Ascona, Monte Verità and Luigi Pericle
Introduction to a great artist just rediscovered.

Possibility to participate in the songs and dances in the Temple.

We are waiting for you!