Historic Heritage

Villa Vrindavana is located in Tuscany, in the Chianti Hills, just 10 kilomters south of Florence. The villa was built in the 16th century during the Renaissance, designed by well-known architects of that period. It has been the residence of some important personalities. Niccolò Machiavelli found inspiration for writing during his regular walks in the woods of the estate. Surrounding its original Italian garden with central fountain and exotic plants, lies a wooded park of about 220 acres with a lake, organically farmed fields, hundreds of olive trees, and an orchard. Acquired in 1979 and restored from wartime damage by the ISCKON community with the help of thousands of friends in the 1980s, Villa Vrindavana now has, as signature features, an organic vegetable garden and the peacocks who freely roam the property.

Exotic Garden

After changing hands many times, at the beginning of the 19th Century the historic building became part of the Fenzi family property, important Florentine tycoons who restored the building and enhanced the gardens with rare and exotic plants that came from all over the world. During World War II, the villa became the general quartiers for troops who fought in the area as well as a backdrop for battles.

Spiritual Oasis

In 1979 after a period of abandonment and decay, Villa Fenzi was acquired by ISKCON who wanted to rechristen it with the name of Krishna's eternal home, and so it became known as Villa Vrindavana. Initially, Villa Vrindavana housed a community that was mainly monastic, but the rapid growth of ISKCON also grew the Villa’s community and public offerings. Today Villa Vrindavana is a truly spiritual destination, a place of worship and a place to connect for an ever expanding number of people. Recently many of the spaces have been completely refurbished and now the Villa provides rooms to those coming for cultural events and spiritual retreats.