Peace, Responsibility for the future 6th October 2019
September 25, 2019
8th December Kirtan Night with Tarana Caytania Das
November 13, 2019
Kirtan Night Fever


Friday Night Kirtan is a dynamic musical experience of the Bhakti tradition as well as a space of connection and community for the Bhakti practitioners. Held in the beautiful Radha Krishna Temple, expert singers and musicians trade off leading the Maha Mantra chant. The audience sings, claps hands and occasionally rises to dance. Expect both meditative and exuberant chanting!

In the Bhakti tradition the practice of mantra kirtan is celebrated as the dharma for the modern age. Friday Night Kirtan is an offering and an opportunity to experience the power of collective devotion.

4th Oct.

5th Oct. ( 17.30 )
18th  Oct.
1rst  Nov.
15 th Nov.

22th Nov.
6th  Dic.
20th  Dic.


Kirtan- mantra-spirituality - spiritualità - religione - Dio

Kirtan- mantra-spirituality - spiritualità - religione - DioKirtan- mantra-spirituality - spiritualità - religione - Dio