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HARE KRISHNA. This is the greeting you will hear at Villa Vrindavana whenever you meet a devotee of Krishna.
First of all, thank you for being here, whether it is out of a desire to learn more about who we are, what life we lead, what we offer or even out of simple curiosity.
The place where we are located is at the foot of the Chianti hills in the region of Tuscany. The main building is a sumptuous Renaissance villa dating back to the first half of the sixteenth century.
The villa dominates the eighty hectares of property, with its luxuriant forest and its thousands of olive trees. There is the classic Italian garden with a central fountain that welcomes visitors. Beautiful exotic plants grace it and peacocks roam the property freely. The view all around is breathtaking!
Villa Vrindavana is very close to Florence and only 45 minutes from Siena and San Gimignano, medieval places that attract thousands of tourists and art lovers every day. Villa Vrindavana also has its own museum with paintings and statues with references to the Vedic epic.
The lifestyle in this unique place is based on the teachings of ancient Vedic texts such as the Bhagavad-gita which promote harmony, simplicity, devotion and realization of our true self with the Absolute.

Many spiritually inclined or just curious people visit this place to experience ashram life where they can participate in Krishna Bhakti practices.
The heart of this place is the Temple, available for silent meditation, for participation in conferences, Vedic ceremonies and bhajans and kirtans (different types of devotional songs).

There are various opportunities for the volunteers to engage in yoga, meditation (japa) and other spiritual activities in addition to performing the required daily tasks such as helping with general maintenance, cleaning the kitchen and common areas, care of the garden, orchard, cows, etc.
The accommodation is a shared dormitory between people of the same gender. We offer three vegetarian meals (with some vegan options) per day.
Volunteers must help for at least 5 hours a day, 6 days a week. The day off per week must be established with the service manager in accordance with the needs.
The minimum period they can stay is two weeks, renewable if both parties are satisfied, up to a maximum of two months, but this is subject to the volunteer’s desire to experience ashram life on a deeper level.

During the summer you can also swim in our natural lake located between the fields and the forest.
GUYS, it’s a deep learning experience! We offer a different lifestyle, intercultural exchanges, practice of different languages. Our place is unique because it is multicultural as there are many people from all over the world. You will definitely come out enriched!
The place is easily accessible by bus from Florence. As will be explained to you in detail later.
Volunteers will help us in different ways; with cleaning up on our farm, helping us with farming, gardening or with the cows. Sometimes we need someone to help us in the kitchen and with the maintenance of the place. In the community kitchen the volunteers will not cook directly, but will only help keep it clean, wash the pots and the floor with the assistance of a supervisor. Whenever possible, volunteers will be able to carry out the services together.
Since this is a community that spreads non-violence and a virtuous lifestyle, it is not allowed to eat meat, fish or eggs, drink alcohol or take drugs or any stimulant or intoxicating substance.
The dress code must be appropriate to the spiritual place it is; therefore women are not accepted to dress in shorts or short skirts, with low-cut and sleeveless shirts and with clothes that are too tight. Men are not allowed to go around bare chested or in a tank top. Please note that we do not provide towels.

We welcome all honest, friendly and hardworking helpers in exchange for a beautiful and unique experience.

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