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March 6, 2020
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May 16, 2020
Colour Festival 2020


Immerse yourself in the exquisite nature of the Chianti Hills, only 20 min. from the town of Florence, and join us for the Holi Festival of Colours.
THE FESTIVAL OF COLOURS WILL CONCIDE with the concert of the SHANTI PEOPLE + Dj set by Anirvar!


Holi is a fantastic festival celebrated in India on the last day of the full moon during the month of “Phalguna” which symbolizes the beginning of spring. Already famous all over the world, for us Holi is known as the “Colour Festival”. Although, it is far more popular among young people, everyone who participates always have a great time.

enter the gate at Villa Vrindavana, park your car and then, walk down to the end of the path where a table with multicoloured bags and white t-shirts awaits you. The countdown starts at 18:00 so make sure to arrive a little earlier to get your material for the festivity.

The real signification of this festival will be revealed and the celebrations will be joined by live music followed by a great dj set.

The festival is principally characterised by the throwing of multicoloured bags among participants, while dancing and signing in a joyful atmosphere. Villa Vrindavana chooses to use only multicoloured powder of vegetal or mineral origin, natural, delicate to touch and easy to remove. Other products of chemical origins are strictly prohibited.

Don’t miss out !! Join us for this colourful event!

Please note:
There will also be banquets throughout the gardens of the Villa.
It is prohibited to bring alcohol or smoke around the Villa.