Our classes are suspended until the 21st of September

By us, you will find plenty of space and time to dedicate to your practice! Come and join us for our weekly yoga, meditation, and thai chi classes or join us for our special events!

Just want to join us for a day? Book a special Yoga Day with us! Yoga practice, visit the sacred art gallery, to the temple and delicious vegetarian meal included!

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Weekly Yoga, Meditation and Thai Chi Classes in Villa Vrindavana

20:30 Thai Chi with Murari
09:30/10:45 Yoga For Everyone with Isadora
Martedì 19:00 Yoga with Giorgia
20:30/21:30 Meditation with Giorgia
Mercoledì 09:30/10:45 Yoga with Giorgia
18:30 Kundalini Yoga with Evelyn
20:00 Thai Chi with Murari
Giovedì 9:30
19 Yoga with Giorgia
20:30/21:30 Mindfulness with Isadora
Venerdì 09.30/10:45 Yoga Per Tutti with Isadora
19 Ashtanga Yoga with Judith
Sabato 10:30 Yoga with Giorgia

The schedule might be subject to changes!